Backflow Testing in Harrison City, PA

Prevent backflow at your home or business by relying on the experienced plumbers at Sturm Plumbing. We are ASSE certified to install and test any backflow devices, both residential and commercial. Don’t call the cheapest service in town and get sold parts that didn’t need replaced. You also don’t want to fix mistakes that shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

When you call us for backflow testing in Harrison City, PA, you can trust you’re getting a thorough test of your device. We are also prompt and make sure to file with the water authority the same day so you don’t have a service interruption.

Do You Need to Install a Backflow Valve at Your Residence?

If you live in Westmoreland or Allegheny County, have you received a letter stating you must have a backflow device installed? Call today, and we can quote prices and usually get one installed at your home the same day so your water is not turned off.

Commercial Backflow Testing & Installation

No unit is too big or small. We test devices installed in office buildings and devices found on multi-level commercial buildings and fire systems. If you need a drain backflow preventer, reach out to us today.

Backflow Devices for Water Heaters

Did you know that when you install a backflow device you also need an expansion tank as well? When your water heater turns on, it creates more pressure in your water lines that would normally be allowed to flow backward into the city water system. After a backflow is installed, the extra pressure has nowhere to go and will come out of your T&P valve on the side of your water heater. This sometimes causes issues with your toilets and faucets. Make sure you have an expansion tank. It’s for your safety!

Contact us if you think you need a backflow preventer at your home or business. Our company proudly serves customers throughout Harrison City, PA, and the surrounding area.