Pipe Camera Inspection Services in Harrison City, PA

There are a lot of billboards and commercials for companies that offer this service for free. What they don’t tell you is that the majority of the guys working the camera get a commission on any sewer lines they sell. You can see the problem with that right?! However, at Sturm Plumbing, we charge a fair price for our pipe camera inspection services in Harrison City, PA. That’s because our technicians are not paid a commission for replacements.

What Are the Things You Get for the Price?

Turn to an actual plumber with years of experience running the camera. We have extensive knowledge of underground piping. To that end, we are able to offer effective solutions to all problems. We’ll provide a house plumbing inspection and dye test with top-of-the-line equipment, the best cameras, and the most state-of-the-art locating system currently made.

After marking any problem areas and determining the depth, we’ll provide an estimate to repair it. We also can email you or save a video file of the inspection to your computer. This is helpful with home sales and purchases where the buyer or seller may not be present.

Unfortunately, we have seen where some technicians show the customer another person’s bad sewer lines on the camera in order to get the job. We’ve also heard of some businesses selling replacement sewers for thousands of dollars when all you might need is a spot fix or drain cleaning service. When you depend on our family-owned and reputable plumbing company, you always get an honest evaluation of your sewer system.

Contact us today for a free estimate for a drain camera inspection. Our company proudly serves customers throughout Harrison City, PA, and the surrounding area.