Sewer Line Repair in Harrison City, PA

Has your sewer clogged more than once? Do you have a soggy spot in your yard or hear a hissing sound around your meter? You could need water line replacement or sewer line repair. In Harrison City, PA, the team at Sturm Plumbing has the experience, equipment, and know-how to address any problem.

Many people put off fixing a sewer line for years due to cost. If it’s not cost, then they think it may be too complicated. As skilled plumbing contractors, we can pinpoint the problem with our state-of-the-art camera and locating equipment and then make a recommendation from there with a free estimate. You’re working blind if you have your sewer cleaned out with no camera inspection. Sometimes the camera shows a simple fix that could have been solved the first time without the need for expensive and messy repairs.

Even though it costs a bit more to have your sewer cleaned with a camera, it pays for itself in time, money, and peace of mind. By accurately determining the issue with your clogged sewer line, you’ll know what is actually causing the problem through a visual confirmation.

Water & Sewer Line Installation

Do you need to replace your existing water service line or update your meter? We have replaced everything from 20′ lines and to 900′ water lines. Our plumbers also have the ability in most cases to install your water line with very little digging or disruption to your yard and landscaping. That’s because we have the technology to pull the new line through the old one, saving your landscaping and preventing hours of cleanup.

Contact us today to find out if water line replacement is the right solution for your leaking or corroded water service line. Our company proudly serves customers throughout Harrison City, PA, and the surrounding area.