Water Heater Service in Harrison City, PA

Why take a cold shower when you can depend on Sturm Plumbing for water heater service in Harrison City, PA. Whether you need repair, replacement, or a new tankless heater, you can rely on our plumbers to address your needs. Schedule a free estimate today!

Gas – Electric – Tankless

Gas Water Heaters

Heating water with gas is one of the most cost-effective methods of getting hot water you need for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Standard water heaters hold 50, 65, or even 75 gallons of hot water – ready to use when you need it. While the efficiency of these tank-type water heaters has increased over time, it also has a negative effect. It unfortunately shortens the lifespan of these units. The plus side is the newer units save you money by keeping your energy costs low.

Electric Water Heaters

Highly efficient and dependable, electric heaters have minimal parts and do not require water heater repair as often. Often, natural gas is not available, and electricity is one of the only options. Today’s electric water heaters supply enough hot water for the average family. Even though the operating cost is sometimes higher, they are extremely reliable.

Tankless Water Heaters

This is the future! Tankless technology has finally gotten to a place where we are fully confident in installing them and putting our name on them. Picture taking endless back-to-back showers or even multiple showers at once, while the washing machine and dishwasher is running. It is endless hot water on demand!

Although the initial cost is more than a standard water heater, you will make this money back as you save month after month on your gas or electric bill. They also last about twice as long as a conventional water heater or even more if you service them regularly. We install Navien units. They are 99% efficient, the only tankless to create “instant” hot water. It has a built-in recirculation pump for recirculation loops, wireless functions, and other great benefits. We believe Navien is the leader in tankless technology. Please don’t install another brand until you call us to receive a free estimate. We’ll explain the advantages they have over tank-style water heaters and other brands.

Full-Service Tankless Water Heater Repair

We service both tank and tankless style water heaters. We have completed service courses for Rinnai and Navien tankless units and have worked on many other brands as well. Not many plumbers work on these, but we do and are able to fix yours or replace it as needed.

Don’t forget your tankless water heater needs to be de-scaled and cleaned out about every other year. This is the result of hard water and calcium buildup. If you notice a decrease in performance or it’s just not getting as hot as it once was, this is often the problem.

Contact us for more information about our water heater installation and repair services. Our company proudly serves customers throughout Harrison City, PA, and the surrounding area.